Gallery of reconstructed portraits


These are the entries to the reconstructed portraits, in chronological order.

Laozi Laozi, philosopher — Asia, *604–†531 bce
Civil servant at a Chinese court; archivist; poet; hermit; ‘Old Master’.

Herodotos Herodotos, researcher — Asia–Africa–Europe, *484–†425 bce
Traveller; Greek historian; author; ‘Father of History’.

Hannibal Hannibal, strategist — Africa–Europe–Asia, *247–†182 bce
Commander of the Phoenician army; ‘Lightning’; enemy of the Romans; judge; exile; military advisor; refugee.

Vercingetorix Vercingetorix, rebel — Europe, *72–†46 bce
Nobleman; Gaulish army leader; freedom fighter; captive of the Romans.

Jesus of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth, reformer — Asia, *6 bce–†30 ce
Construction worker's son; Jewish preacher; master; faith healer; prophet; religious leader; victim; martyr; ‘Anointed One’.

Attila the Hun Attila the Hun, plunderer — Asia–Europe, *406–†453 ce
Khan of the Hunnic horde; ruler over the Ostrogoths; terror of the Burgunds and Visigoths; mercenary of the Western Roman Empire; extortioner of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Muhammad Muhammad, messenger — Asia, *570–†632 ce
Transportation entrepreneur; ‘The Trustworthy One’; prophet; spiritual leader; army commander; Arab statesman; role model.

Willibrord Willibrord, missionary — Europe, *658–†739 ce
Anglo-Saxon monk; preacher; archbishop of Utrecht; ‘Apostle of the Frisians’.

Charlemagne Charlemagne, warlord — Europe, *742–†814 ce
King of the Franks and Lombards; ruler over the Frisians, Saxons, and Bavarians; fighter against the Danes, Slavs, Avars, Basques, Arabs, and Britons; emperor and Augustus; protector of the pope.

Leif Ericsson Leif Ericsson, explorer — Europe–America, *970–†1020 ce
Eldest son of Eric the Red; inhabitant of Greenland; Norseman; sailor; settler of Vinland; ‘The Lucky One’.

Joan of Arc Joan of Arc, inspirator — Europe, *1412–†1431 ce
Religious farmer's daughter from Lorraine; mascot of the French army; instrument of the French dauphin; ‘Maid of Orléans’; ‘Witch of the Armagnacs’; prisoner of the Burgundians and English; victim of the Inquisition.

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus, entrepreneur — Europe–America, *1451–†1506 ce
Genoese navigator; merchant; fortune hunter; geographer; businessman; ‘The Admiral’; slave trader.

Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin, ruler — America, *1467–†1520 ce
Sovereign of the Aztec Empire; great commander of Tenochtitlan; lord of the Colhua; hostage of the Spaniards.

Njinga Mbande Njinga Mbande, opposer — Africa, *1582–†1663 ce
Envoy; ‘Lady of Sousa’; ruler of Ndongo; fighter against the Portuguese; ally of the Dutch; sovereign of Matamba.

New portraits are added very irregularly. Is a certain personality missing in this list? All suggestions are much appreciated.

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